New Government Requirements For Glazing Industry Took Effect 6th June 2014

New government requirements for the Glazing Industry started 6th June 2014. They were set out by the DCLG The Department for Communities and Local Government (“DCLG”) has set out their requirements for the Conditions of Authorisation for CPS Operators. Condition 17 stipulates that CPS Operators must ensure that Glaziers now issue ‘financial protection’ on each and every job that you registered with a CPS. Failure to provide adequate ‘financial protection’ in addition to your own guarantee will result in you no longer being able to self-certify via a CPS. Condition 17 is explained in more detail below.

The simplest way to ensure compliance is to use HomePro’s award winning Insurance Backed Guarantee (IBG) Scheme ( )

Additionally, at least one member of a glazing installation team must have been assessed for their MTC.

Those who have been assessed will need to carry their MTC card with them as it serves to confirm their competency to homeowners. The MTC scheme has been set out by DCLG.

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